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It’s probably not news to you that the iPhone 5 has managed to sell 5 million handsets in its first weekend alone. The record-breaking response tops the iPhone 4’s 4 million sales record following its release. But while Apple is not wasting time publicizing its newest sales figures, they are also working doubly hard to keep complaints under control.

But out of all these seemingly insignificant complaints are 5 major issues that Apple should address. Here are the 5 most important complaints about the iPhone 5.

  1. Scratches and chips arrive all too soon.

Several Internet polls revealed that many people took out their iPhone 5 from their boxes and noticed that the casing is already scratched or chipped. Some also said that the aluminum casing starts revealing signs of use after just a week of use. After a customer sent a complaint through e-mail regarding the problem, Phil Schiller of Apple’s marketing department replied by saying that ‘any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use’ thus exposing the natural silver color of aluminum. We get that; but couldn’t Apple have done something to keep the aluminum from getting worn out this fast? After all, the iPhone 5 has not even been out for months.

  1. That purple flare of light.

Some customers, particularly those who love using their smartphone cameras, started complaining shortly after the iPhone 5 release that the camera seems to be creating a harsh purple flare when it snaps a light source. This happened, in varying degrees, for both artificial and natural light sources. While some people may not notice or even mind, the more conscientious critics compared the iPhone 5 with its predecessor, the iPhone 4, and even released photos showing how the hard-to-ignore purple flare is nowhere to be seen in iPhone 4 snaps.

As expected, this has been brought to the attention of AppleCare Support, who wasted no time telling customers that the only way to avoid the purple flare is to angle the camera away from bright light sources when taking photos and that the flare is ‘normal’ for the iPhone 5 camera.

  1. Where there’s a new iPhone 5, there’s plastic waste.

This may seem more like collateral damage rather than an actual problem with the device, but the fact that the iPhone 5 forces folks to cut down their SIM has led to an increase in plastic waste, especially during the weekend of its release. The nano-SIM is forcing even the iPhone 4 and 4S users to throw their micro-SIM away and get a new one. Individually, this seems insignificant, but more than 5 million people had to contribute to plastic waste levels that fateful iPhone 5 weekend.

  1. Data leakage, anyone?

Some iPhone 5 users recently experienced a strange data leak that cost them hundreds of dollars in excess charges due to a WiFi issue. At first, as most of the complaints came from those using Verizon,Verizon was placed in a very bad spot. Soon, however, even AT&T customers began experiencing the same problem. Despite the fact that this is inflicting real damage to its loyal customers, Apple has so far remained quiet about it.

  1. There’s just not enough iPhone 5 in the world.

Despite all these complaints, a growing number of people are joining the lines in Apple stores to get their hands on the new iPhone. Unfortunately, a lot of them have to go home empty-handed as Apple declared a shortage on stocks. Apple’s only response is that the larger 4-inch Retina Display is just hard to make, and that even though they have contracted three companies to supply the displays, the demand is just too hard to keep up with.

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