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iPhone’s iOS 6 – The Biggest Differences It Makes

iOS 6, Apple’s new-generation mobile OS, was recently unveiled, and while people mostly paid attention to Apple’s new Maps app, the new OS does come with more than just a map designed specifically to spite Google.

In fact, the new Maps is hardly a good feature of the iOS 6; days, and even just hours, after the new mobile operating system was released, a lot of hard-to-please folks already pointed out 1001 things that were wrong about the said app.

But the iOS 6 does make a huge difference to the smartphone experience, if not some of the biggest an update has ever achieved. Here are some of them.

  1. An enhanced communications experience

Apple has made a few refinements to its phone app, which is now capable of setting reminders to call someone back, sending “I am busy” messages when you’re unable to answer calls, and rejecting calls under a “Do not disturb” mode.… Read the rest