Get an iPad! With a proven method as seen on BBC…

Innovations Network is a network that has existed since 2003. Since then it has shipped over $10 million dollars worth of free gifts to its users. There are many users from all over the world, but mainly from the US that have received free gifts from them.

They are used by many respectable companies to help them promote their services, here are a list of companies that the Innovations Network has worked with in the past. These companies have partnered up with Innovations to offer iPads as well as other electronics.

Innovations Network is conducting a short survey/registration  of readers’ smartphone preferences – both in their personal and work lives. Everyone who participates has over 40% chance to win a free Apple iPad.

Participation is limited to one entry per person. All participants must be 18 years or older and must reside in the United States. Only those who have filled out the entire registration form will be eligible to win the iPad.

The whole process is mainly to gain an objective view of what devices, software, apps, and carriers average readers are using and how they use them. Especially with so-called consumer devices making their way further into the enterprise, now is as good a time as any to take a step back and see how people are using their smartphones and what they think about them.

By the way, if you want to dig deeper to understand how these offers work,  you can find detailed explanation at the free iPhone 4s offer post. Oh and of course the more you try the higher your chances are to get even more free stuff.

How to Win a Free iPad3

Win a FREE iPad3, iPod Touch or iPhone4S! Offers such as this one are found all over the internet all the time, but can you really win free gadgets that easily? Contests such as this How to Get a Free iPad3 do result in winners, the key is to play the game and win the prize.
With just a few short minutes of your time, you really could win an iPad3 completely free!

These ads and contests are literally everywhere online nowadays. So many people are extremely skeptical, but there really are valid contests for winning free gadgets, goods and services. How can these contests give away an iPad3 for little to no cost to the consumer? Why would these companies and marketing agencies want to give away such expensive prizes?

Why Do They Do It?

Why do companies and marketing agencies hold contests to give away free products, gadgets or services? How does a business make money by giving things away? The answer is really quite simple, it’s all about the advertisers. In the pursuit of new customers to add to the customer base, marketing companies often offer free incentives–typically popular electronics such as game consoles, iPads, iPods and also gift cards–to the consumers who enroll in the promotional plans being offered. For every single person that signs up, the advertisers earn money. When at least some of those customers continue with the services or keep using the products after the promotion has ended, these advertisers make more money and therefore recoup any costs they put out for the incentives along the way. This is how these free or nearly free contests make money for various companies and marketing agencies.

Types of Contests

There are several different types of free giveaway and promotional contests available to consumers. Each one has a different system to capture the attention of would-be buyers and involves different levels of the process in order to participate in the promotion and win the free gadgets, goods or services being offered. Here is a list of the types of contests most often seen on the World Wide Web:

  •  Refer a friend promotions- in this type of promotion, participants sign up for the advertised offer for themselves and also provide contact information for a specific number of friends and relatives. The trial offers and free gifts are then available to the original participant once the referred people sign up for the promotion. This way of winning free products is dependent upon the referrals, for the specified number of your referred people must also complete the offer before you can collect your free gift.
  • Multiple trial offers- the contest participant in multiple trial offers must go through the process of completing a set number of offers from a variety of categories and the free gift offer can be claimed immediately upon the completion of the required number of offers. These contests typically take longer to complete than some of the other options out there and often require those participating to enter credit card information before the entry can be completed. These offers are typically very time consuming, wanting you to click the offer button to go to another screen where the offer page actually is in order to view the specifics. Next, you will be asked for your contact information and to click yet again to another page. There you will find a survey of questions and show additional offers, this becomes a vicious cycle through sometimes many pages where a set number of certain offers must be accepted and completed before you can win the originally advertised electronic gadget, goods or services. Many consumers give up long before actually reaching the desired page.
  • Free to win sweepstakes- this is the only contest option in which the consumer does not have to participate in any other offer in order to be a part of the pool to win the prize that is being offered by the company. There is no participation of any kind required beyond the entry information for the free gadget, services or goods. The winner in these types of sweepstakes is chosen through a simple lucky drawing. So many people do not enter these drawings, thinking that they have little to no chance of winning the advertised prize, whether it be an iPad, iPod, iPhone, gift cards or whatever. Because of this mistaken yet popular belief, the entry pool for many of the free to win sweepstakes is often lower and therefore the probability of winning is higher than you expect.

Research has shown that these drawings are the most successful and simplest contest method of winning valuable prizes. Here are several reasons why these free to win sweepstakes are the best choice for contest participants:

1. Fast- entering these contests takes just a few minutes of your time, typically about 2 to 5 minutes. You are simply asked for contact information such as your name, postal address and email address. Other methods are much more time consuming to complete, often taking you through several pages of offers to complete and information to fill out.

2. Free- entry to the free to win sweepstakes contests is absolutely free to any person over the age of 18 years old. There are zero hidden fees or costs.

3. Other types of contests where trial offers are to be completed require you to enter more personal information such as credit card numbers even just to complete the trial offers that are free.

4. Once you have signed up for trial offers, many times it is up to you, the consumer, to unsubscribe or cancel the deal before the trial price or free period expires. If you do not do this, you can be charged for these goods and services at full price.

Many of ‘How to Get a Free iPad3′ contests are, in fact, valid and people do win valuable prizes at little to no cost to themselves. It is worth the time and effort to enter, especially those free to win contests.

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