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The 4 Most Serious Threats to the iPhone

The iPhone has been the most phenomenal smartphone for several years. Despite the efforts of Samsung, BlackBerry, and Nokia to equal the fame of the iPhone, they have not even managed to scratch the surface, and this is apparent given the way the public snapped up all the available iPhone 5s just a couple of weeks following its release. No other smartphone has been received just as warmly.

But although Apple seems to be on a pretty well-protected pedestal, there are some threats to it that may have a chance at dragging it down a notch.

  1. The end of the trend.

Seeing the public’s response to the iPhone every single time a new model is released, the iPhone seems more like a trend than any other smartphone. And although this does mean more iPhone users all over the world and more sales for the folks at Cupertino, it does also mean one other thing: there is an end, as with all trends.… Read the rest