Best New iPhone Apps in 2012 with Huge Potential

Over the years, we’ve seen many iPhone apps take over the iPhone world. We’ve seen Instagram become the most popular photo sharing platform. We’ve seen Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, and Temple Run turn smartphone gaming into the ultimate trend. We’ve all tried to channel our inner artists with Draw Something. But eventually, these apps have faded into the background to be replaced by newer apps that get the whole iPhone community revealing.

As of today, there are three apps that are showing great potential and may just be the next big things in the world of iPhone apps.

  1. VSCO Cam
Camera+ vs VSCO CAM
Camera+ vs VSCO CAM (Photo credit: Ian Zakharov)

Dubbed as the app that may replace Instagram, the VSCO Cam has only one drawback: its $0.99 price tag. After all, despite the massive sales Apple is enjoying through its app store, a lot of iPhone users don’t spend money on apps and get away by using just the free ones. The VSCO Cam, however, has caused some iPhone users to change their minds. After all, for its price, the app offers excellent value.

The VSCO Cam is a simple camera app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Like Instagram, it is easy to use and allows built-in photo processing. But while Instagram became an instant success among social media fans, VSCO Cam has won the approval even of artists, as it allows more effects, a sleeker interface, and a more streamlined workflow.

  1. Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a free app that lets iPhone users in on the cheap reduced-price rooms offered by various hotels all over the country. When hotels have rooms that are not booked for the night, they can send the available options to the app along with the reduced prices they are offering. This app is great for the backpacker, the spontaneous traveler, and the tourists who procrastinate on booking their accommodations.

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks app is now fast climbing the charts, especially now that the app can keep Starbucks gold cards thus giving coffee lovers an easier way of tracking their gold star rewards. The app allows two users to use the same gold card account and also allows anyone to send Starbucks gift cards to another app user.

  1. Scout Mob

If there’s an app for travel lovers, camera lovers, and coffee lovers, there’s also one for food lovers. The free Scout Mob app gives you tips on the best food places in the town where you are currently located. The app registers your location on the map and narrows down the dining options to make it easier for you to find the best place to eat. A lot of foodies have found their favorite restaurants through this app, and users also have the chance to get discounted meals through it.

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