The 4 Most Serious Threats to the iPhone

The iPhone has been the most phenomenal smartphone for several years. Despite the efforts of Samsung, BlackBerry, and Nokia to equal the fame of the iPhone, they have not even managed to scratch the surface, and this is apparent given the way the public snapped up all the available iPhone 5s just a couple of weeks following its release. No other smartphone has been received just as warmly.

But although Apple seems to be on a pretty well-protected pedestal, there are some threats to it that may have a chance at dragging it down a notch.

  1. The end of the trend.
iPhone iPhone iPhone
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Seeing the public’s response to the iPhone every single time a new model is released, the iPhone seems more like a trend than any other smartphone. And although this does mean more iPhone users all over the world and more sales for the folks at Cupertino, it does also mean one other thing: there is an end, as with all trends.

The danger lies in becoming all too common. As more and more people use the iPhone, the phone, which used to symbolize the culmination of coolness in the gadgets department, loses some of its spark. Now that everyone has it, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

  1. Its fast-improving rivals.

Apple still obviously holds the title as the most popular smartphone around, but there are now four other models that come close to it. First of these is the Samsung Galaxy S2, which has even prompted a couple – or more – iPhone users to switch. The S2 has been the biggest threat in terms of competition for the iPhone, especially with its larger RAM storage, which makes it better at some of the most important tech specs of smartphones – speed and multi-tasking capabilities.

More recently, Nokia has taken a jab at the new iPhone 5 using a comparison chart telling consumers in no uncertain terms why the Nokia Lumia 920, running on Windows 8 mobile OS, is better than the iPhone 5. And in some ways, it really is.

  1. Apple’s other creation – the iPad.

In the end, Apple is still making money, but the iPad has undoubtedly provided tough competition for the iPhone. Now, people are opting for cheaper phones then splurging on an iPad, which can do practically everything iPhones can except send SMS and make calls.

  1. Apple’s own smartphone poison – Price.
NEW YORK - OCTOBER 14:  People shop in a Apple...
NEW YORK - OCTOBER 14: People shop in a Apple store on October 14, 2010 in New York, New York. Riding on the success of the iPhone and iPad, shares of Apple Inc. climbed $1.60 to close at $300.14 on October 13. It is the first time in the tech company's history that the stock has topped $300. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

As more and more smartphones start coming closer to the specs and revelry offered by the iPhone, more and more people are starting to realize just how much more expensive the iPhone is than it should be. If superiority and being ahead of the smartphone game gave Apple a valid excuse to sell their phones at radically high prices, the case is different now that other brands are coming up with similar – and even better – phones at much lower prices. Eventually, the market will catch on. Whether Apple would be able to come up with a solution to the impending crisis could only be guessed at, but chances are high that they will.

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