iPhone’s iOS 6 – The Biggest Differences It Makes

iOS 6, Apple’s new-generation mobile OS, was recently unveiled, and while people mostly paid attention to Apple’s new Maps app, the new OS does come with more than just a map designed specifically to spite Google.

In fact, the new Maps is hardly a good feature of the iOS 6; days, and even just hours, after the new mobile operating system was released, a lot of hard-to-please folks already pointed out 1001 things that were wrong about the said app.

But the iOS 6 does make a huge difference to the smartphone experience, if not some of the biggest an update has ever achieved. Here are some of them.

  1. An enhanced communications experience

Apple has made a few refinements to its phone app, which is now capable of setting reminders to call someone back, sending “I am busy” messages when you’re unable to answer calls, and rejecting calls under a “Do not disturb” mode. Trying to avoid someone? You can reject repeated calls from him with a few clicks on your Apple device.

  1. iCloud tab sync

It is now possible to sync all your viewed webpages across all your iOS devices thanks to a new feature built into Safari.

  1. Smart App Banners in Safari

When surfing with Safari using an iOS 6 device, you will notice useful little banners that slide down the screen. These banners offer users the option to launch into an app or download an app directly from iTunes.

  1. Facetime over 3G
FaceTime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Facetime is certainly one of Apple’s better inventions. What used to be Skype is now fast becoming Facetime, and this app is expected to become even more popular now that users without WiFi can now Facetime using their 3G connection.



  1. Selective photo sharing

The iPhone’s biggest achievement is how it managed to make sharing easier. And now, photo sharing is made even easier – and more suited to users’ needs – thanks to the selective sharing feature that comes with iOS 6. This app allows you to select which photos to share to which friends without having to open Flickr and Facebook accounts.

  1. Guided Access for kids

Apple is far from being the perfect company, but it is known for its uncanny ability to forge new directions in the smartphone industry. Just like what Apple did with iCloud, it is doing now with two new features on the iOS 6. One of these two is the Guided Access, a feature especially designed for kids. This new app puts limits to the access kids can enjoy when using an iPhone. The feature allows parents to disable some parts of the device’s screen so kids don’t accidentally hit buttons. These restrictions can even be integrated across all your iOS 6 devices.

  1. Passbook

The other feature that only Apple could possibly see potential in and could develop into a full-grown system used all over the world is the Passbook. Although Passbook is hardly useful these days, it has given companies and developers a chance to explore the app and realize its full potential. As early as now, companies are now creating systems compatible with Passbook. In the near future, people can store electronic tickets and rewards points in their device. It’s the kind of change only Apple saw coming and only Apple can set into motion.

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